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We don´t only occupy ourselves with tax rates and accounting classification. We are also interested in the context of modern Czech history and its relationship to the region where we come from. That´s why we appreciate the possibility to support the book by Václava Jandečková – KÁMEN Witness of the main participant of the “Fake boarders” action near Všeruby in the Domažlice region. (KÁMEN Svědectví hlavního aktéra akce “Falešné hranice” u Všerub na Domažlicku).

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Official annotation of the book

This study contributes to revelation and documentation of one of the most sophisticated Communist crimes from the beginning of the Cold War, the so-called action KÁMEN (STONE). The top-secret and camouflaged trap organized by the security apparatus near the border crossing at Všeruby in the Domažlice region aimed to remove selected personalities of the public life and “isolate” them form the “world”.

The book focuses on victims, perpetrators, and especially on those, who have played an important role on both sides of the tragic drama, which also caused problems of anti-communist resistance. A big contribution for the clarification of the fake boarders case are the memories of the key witness Stanislav Liška recently discovered by the author, that haven´t been published before. The reviewers of the book, historians Igor Lukeš and Václav Veber, underline the authenticity and importance of the evidence of the criminal plot and its background.

The author, who also wrote a number of scientific articles, presents a realistic view on one of the consequences of the Communist takeover in Czechoslovakia – criminal practices of the Communist secret police in Czechoslovakia inspired by the Soviet model. The book is also a moral challenge for responsible Czech authorities to take legal action against culprits who are still alive.

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