What our clients say

"I know Moore Stephens long and well. They are our auditors, they take care of our taxes, and we consult with them on mergers and acquisitions.
I appreciate that they always approach us individually. Each of our questions is addressed from all angles, eliminating unnecessary additional questions or problems. They are active and alert us to possible risks.
I am satisfied with their work both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I can therefore highly recommend them."

Radek Nárožný
Chief Accounting, HOPI s.r.o.

‘The professional, but individual and personal approach combined with the understanding and orientation in the field of our business creates a healthy basis for mutual cooperation and subsequent enrichment, from the results, for both sides. The comprehensive and high quality answers to our questions, not only from the area of audit, but other areas also, such as tax advice, are one of the main reasons to be a satisfied recipient of the audit services provided by Moore Stephens s.r.o.’

Petr Poděbradský
Managing Director, GrECo JLT Czech Republic s.r.o.

‘When managing our company we continuously monitor the economic results of all contracts, including a detailed allocation of the overheads and administrative costs. Due to the administrative demands on the processing of the resulting data, we performed an analysis, together with our colleagues from Moore Stephens, and together with them we arrived at an effective solution to create an automated overhead costs breakdown and a way to generate project reports.

Based on this, Moore Stephens developed a tool that performs these calculations and reports and we have been using it without issues since the beginning of the year. This Business Intelligence tool provides us with operating results for the whole firm and individual projects within three days of the end of the month. The time we save is significant, the information is reliable and, thanks to the automated calculation, potential human errors are eliminated.’

Michal Kovářík
Managing director of AF-Engineering s.r.o

‘Importing copies of invoices into the accounting software (Byznys) via the PDF import is a very good solution, both for small companies, where one person has to perform more functions and save time, and big companies with a large number of invoices to be booked. The whole utility software is very simple, intuitive, with a clear focus on the selection of imported data, including the determination of their type on the output to the accounting software.

Our transition to this way of working with invoices has clearly proved to be time saving, leading to transparency and minimising errors. This change to ‘Byznys’ was the right decision and we will gladly recommend it to everyone.’

Josef Hejzlar
Mech-tec s.r.o.

‘As the company's owner, I expect the tax and economic adviser to be a "family doctor", to be someone who knows the business, market, potential problems and risks of the company. That's exactly what I get from Moore Stephens. I have been working with them for a long time, so they know the company well, they know what's important to me, they warn me of potential risks, they come up with ideas.

It is the same with the financial audits, where I have chosen Moore Stephens again. This is not just a formalism and a stamp. Their approach is pragmatic, with an emphasis on the practicality and benefits of the company.

We are the largest Czech manufacturer of pallets and we supply large foreign companies. I, therefore, appreciate that Moore Stephens has strong relationships with their colleagues abroad and they can provide me with advisory outside of the Czech Republic. I do not have to worry about anything and just keep communicating with the team I am used to working with.

I'm glad I'm working with Moore Stephens, I can count on them, and that's really important to me.’

Marcel Klaus
KLAUS Timber a.s.

‘We have been working with Moore Stephens for several years. As we have subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, it provides us with advisory in the area of transfer pricing within the group (TNMM), calculating the cost of consignment delivery, including exchange rate impacts.

I appreciate their personal approach, the availability of the team and its quick response time. Moreover, the team does not change, so I can be sure that they know exactly who we are and what we need. When we need to deal with a problem abroad, we do not have to figure out who to turn to – we always communicate with one partner or manager who arranges everything for us.’

Lubomír Bureš
CFO, Zásilkovna s.r.o.

‘We are part of StoraEnso, a major international papermaking and wood processing group. For our operation in the Czech Republic, where we have several companies from Western Bohemia to Northern Moravia, we searched for a tax advisor who understands our local needs while also possessing international experience and language skills.

The experts from Moore Stephens provide regular tax consultancy for us and advise us on the right SAP setup and related IFRS reporting. They support us in communication with the financial office and during tax inspections, and assist us in R&D projects and in setting transfer prices.

We like their approach, practical point of view and the speed with which they respond. We are satisfied with the work of Moore Stephens and we will be happy to continue to cooperate with them.’

František Vomočil
Stora Enso Wood Products Ždírec s.r.o.

‘The issue of VAT in public health is very complex and not always clear. Some seven years ago, we decided to seek out the advice of the VAT team of Moore Stephens. This decision proved to be a good one. They conducted an analysis, set up a system and continue to provide us with ongoing VAT advisory. The team also provides tailor-made training for us.

We appreciate their knowledge as well as their personal and friendly approach. We know that we can rely on these advisors any time and that their advice will help us do the right thing in case of ambiguities or divergent interpretations in the area of VAT.’

Ing. Věra Mozrová
Motol University Hospital

‘We work with Moore Stephens in our transactions and strategic decisions. For example, they provided follow-up support in the management's entry into the group.

I appreciate that they propose multiple solutions and highlight problems that might arise in more complex transactions. The team working for us is reliable and you know you can always call them when you have a problem.’

Jan Štok

‘Moore Stephens advised us on our acquisition of ITEMA, spol. s.r.o. and the subsequent reorganization of our group.

Their advisory team undertook financial and tax due diligence for us, set up the structure of the entire acquisition and provided us with post-acquisition consultancy.’

Ing. Stanislav Božek
IZOMAT Group a.s.

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