Autumn alert: news to the Country by Country reporting and last chance to the investment incentives according to the current rules


We are still observing the newly implemented obligations that apply to the Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting, for foreign tax administrator, it means reporting including important information for dividing the tax base within the firms’ group. We have contacted some of you directly in this case. In the last days, the tax administration has not only published the related forms Announcement and Report and the related directions as well as the interesting additional information from which follows:

It is necessary to know that right now is the best time to take advantage of investment incentives. The election programmes of the predominant political parties have changes or cancellations in their proposed campaigns. That is why, if you are considering some new production or expanding the current production, it is the right time to discuss this matter with our specialists.

In what form and what amount can you still get?

To succeed in receiving it, you need to fulfil 3 basic conditions (type of the activity – manufacturing industry, the minimal amount of investment 50 (100) million according to the regions, you have 3 years for it, after this time one half must have been invested into the new industrial equipment and a minimum of 20 new jobs should have been created). Our specialists will help you with the formal matters (it is quite an easy request). You can start your new investments with the support of the state.

After 3 years, if you find out that you have not reached the minimum sum, it does not cost you anything. We often meet companies that have invested higher sums by themselves, did not submit the requests and are needlessly paying from their own gains.

I wish you a nice read and a lucky hand, not only in the election rooms, but especially in your business – we will keep supporting you in the future.

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