Current challenges in the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness


This summer, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced a number of calls for subsidy programmes. Below is an overview of the most interesting ones.


Receipt of requests Programme Focus of support
Start End
3.8.2018 29.3. 2019 Renewable energy sources Production and distribution of energy from RES – biomass, small hydroelectric power station, biogas station (only distribution)
2.7.2018 29.4.2019 Energy savings Reduction in energy intensity, incl. installation of RES for own use
16.7.2018 15.1.2020 Energy savings – Energy-efficient buildings Energy-efficient new buildings, superstructures and outbuildings





ICT and shared services

Shared services centres

Data centres

15.8.2018 30.5.2019  Training centres Construction and reconstruction of training centres, acquisition of equipment for training spaces
22.10.2018 22.5.2019  Real estate Reconstruction of obsolete business infrastructure and brownfield-type buildings
1.10.2018 15.1.2019 Potential Establishment and development of industrial research, development and innovation centres
26.9. 2018 27.11. 2018 Innovation (innovation project) Acquisition of production technologies, equipment, know-how and licences for the implementation of innovative projects
28.8.2018 17.12. 2018 Applications Industrial research and experimental development
11.6.2018 31.3.2019 Energy savings in security system Reconstruction and development of heat supply systems, introduction and increase of efficiency of combined electricity and heat production systems

Source: MPO /API                        

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