EU funds – upcoming calls for farmers


While previous articles about EU funds were aimed at new subsidies primarily for manufacturing companies, we bring you information about the planned subsidies for agriculture and forestry in this issue.

The State Agricultural Intervention Fund published conditions for the spring round of application submission in mid-February, with the total allocation of nearly 2.3 billion CZK. Applications will be accepted between the 3rd – 16th of May 2016 through the Farmer´s Portal.

Small, medium and large businesses can apply for investments in non-agricultural activities (diversification of activities), including agrotourism or facilities for the production of moulded biofuels, and young farmers can also apply for subsidies in order to start their own activities. The subsidy will amount up to 25 – 45 % based on size of the applicant company, the support for young farmers will be 45 thousand EUR.

Investments into the development of forestry, including wood processing facilities (saw mills, micro and small businesses) and into education and development of new products, processes and technologies in agriculture will be supported also.

In the spring round, it will be necessary to submit the relevant approval from the building authority after the registration of the application – this approval needs to be valid and legitimate on the date of the application registration. The deadline for submitting the tender, respectively, the procurement procedure, will be shortened, the documentation should already be submitted in the 28th – 29th week after the deadline for submitting the application. In the majority of projects with eligible expenditures (of which the subsidy is calculated) over 1 mil. CZK, the assessment of financial health will be applied (except for most of the forestry measures).



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