How to become a leader who starts up innovations


Kodak closed the day before yesterday, Nokia ended yesterday. We live in a time of creative destruction. In 1958, the lifetime period of an average company was 61 years according to the S&P Index 500. The current lifetime period is just 18 years. According to the prognosis of the authors, 40 % of firms will disappear in 10 years from the index. This is the conclusion of innovations wave, which runs through the whole world. Nowadays, there is no leader, who does not try to innovate. However, it is not easy to do it properly – what works in daily management, often fails in the area of innovations.

Several questions come along, for example how to build more innovative organisation? How should I prepare myself, how to choose and organise a team, how to lead innovative initiatives, how to set visions and targets without knowing the ideas for invention? How not to struggle with barriers of innovations? How to make opportunities visible to the others and become a great innovator without need to do it on behalf of them?

If you want to learn more, join us at our workshop, where we will introduce you both productive and non-functional formulas and methods of leading innovations. You will meet owners and managers solving the same issues and we will discuss together specific situations in the firms. The seminar will be focused on practical methods and implementation of the processes, not a theoretical lecture.

The number of places is limited, please, confirm your attendance (as well as your deregistration) via e-mail to to 8 September 2017 at the latest.


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