Major amendments to the Income Tax Act since 2015


The Chamber of Deputies approved the government’s proposal for an amendment to the Income Tax Act (the “ITA”), which came into effect on 1 January 2015. From a total of about 300 changes, I have prepared a guide to the most important ones for you:

Payment of equity, payment of reserve fund

Profit shares

Non-monetary benefit from an interest-free loan

Prices between related parties and new annex to corporate income tax

Specification of leasing and income definitions

Tax write-off of receivables

Retrospective tax assessment on commitments

Re-invoicing non-tax costs


Tax deduction interest

Applying tax losses to transformations

Compulsory electronic communication

Limitation of cash payments and cancellation of old FA accounts

Important changes for individuals

If you are interested in what is changing in the field of VAT, read the guide by Petr Vondraš.

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