Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – overview of 2017 and expectations for 2018


We had a successful year with mergers and acquisitions in 2017. The transactions that were started in 2016 have been finalised. Other companies´ owners have newly turned to us, who are standing on the imaginary crossroads and thinking about next strategies in their companies.

It is clear from its beginning that the market is moving forward and the number of people interested in the services connected with M&A activities in 2017 has increased enormously. Thanks to this trend, ACG (Moore Stephens s.r.o. is a partner of ACG) has almost 10 new active mandates available, mostly exclusive ones, either for representing the companies with their sales or in connection with interest to the purchase another company.

Selection of current business offering to be acquired (data in CZK, averages for 2-3 years):

Field Basic descritpion turnover EBIT EBITDA
Engineering Production of stoves, chimneys, sale of 100% of exclusive shares 148 million 1.6 million 3.5 million
Engineering Projects, production, installation and service of air-technical solutions, sale of 100% of exclusive shares 280 million 3 million 5 million
Furniture production Design, production and installation of interior furniture, as well as commercial projects for abroad, majority part of company up to 100 % of the shares 140 million 10 million 15 million
Transport Truck transport and logistics, specialisation in the food industry, sale of 100 % of exclusive shares 520 million 60 million 150 million
Transport and shipping company / stone quarry Family company providing transport with a specialisation in loose materials and stone, operates stone quarries, offers off-road and small construction works, sale of 100 %  of exclusive shares 60 million 2 million 7 million
Processing plastics

Production of water and sewage pipes, wholesale with plastics and sanitary, service, a majority part of company up to 100 % of the shares is offered


540 million 33 million 42 million
Laundry and cleaners

Sales of high-capacity laundry and cleaners specialising in the hotel and spa industry, health care, a majority part of company up to 100 % of the shares is offered


34 million 4 million 7 million
Processing meat, production of smoked meats Smaller family company is searching for a successor to the founder, sale of 100% of exclusive shares 85 million 10 million 15 million

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