The proposed tax regulation changes


The House of Representatives have just discussed a draft law, which will see changes in the tax regulation. The changes should be valid from the 1st of January 2017. We feel it is wise to introduce you to the basic changes waiting for us next year.

The first of three changes applies to the changes to the interests from tax deduction, whereas the draft law reacts to the development of the EU Court of Justice. The Legislator reduces the time from 5 to 4 months, which is important for the time that the interest can originate from. The interest originates during the long tax control too. The calculation of the interest is advanced from 1% point to 2% points.

The next proposed change is the possibility to pay via credit card. This is not about the widespread action. Each Tax office, which is technically equipped to accept this payment, will make the information about the possibility to pay via credit card on its notice board public.

The last important change is spreading the notification obligation of the Tax Administrator to the Trade Licensing Office, and to other public authorities. The target is the elimination of the so-called “dead boxes”, which are tax subjects that do not develop any economic the registration Court activities.

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