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Managers at many companies are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency. One option is a comprehensive online solution for financial administration and management.

The Moore Stephens Portal is our outsourcing accounting solution in BYZNYS software, which is stored in secured Cloud and allows you to spend more time on core business activities and less time on corporate accounting. Approve received invoices, save and archive scans, import documents into accounting: all in one place and available for you wherever you need – from your office, tablet or phone.

When processing external accounting in electronic form, our client does not lose the possibility to actively influence which invoices are charged and paid. The BYZNYS standard menu Authorisation of documents is used to approve invoices and orders. The portal is directly connected with the BYZNYS database. All changes are synchronised in real time.

The display of the portal is responsive, i.e. it can adapt to the display of the device on which the user logs on. Naturally previews of supplier invoices are provided.

We would also like to show you how we process documents in electronic form. With the growing ubiquity of electronic accounting, paper documents are gradually disappearing and being replaced, usually by documents in PDF format. Unfortunately, various efforts to implement a generally acceptable data format (such as ISDOC, QR-code invoice) have failed, and for most documents we have no choice but to work with an electronic version of a paper document or an electronic version without a data layer, i.e. essentially a picture. For these reasons, we were forced to accede to the user customisation of BYZNYS software.

Processing received invoices a little differently

The documents we receive from the client in electronic form are processed in the PDFimport application, where we can edit the documents, turn the pages, divide them according to customers and individual types of documents (invoices, cash receipts, etc.). Clients appreciate the fact that the originals stay with them; they do not have to send or transport them anywhere.

Even when processing invoices in electronic form, we do not lose sight of the original document. By customising BUSINESS (PUV), we split the window for entering received invoices.

The file replaces searching in an invoice book where we can sort, classify and search much more effectively than with paper documents.

Even when paying invoices, we do not lose sight of the original document. Not only can we look at an invoice form like an ordinary BYZNYS user, but we still have the supplier’s invoice at hand.

When viewing accounting documents and account turnovers, it is possible to display not only the link between documents, but also their electronic form.

You can also check out the demo at https://myfirm.moorestephens.cz/

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