A revolution in accounting – BMD digital document processing 2.0

Mathias Glahn & Wolfgang Foißner

Scanned paper documents and already digitised documents that process automatically in full in accounting is the desire of many accountants. Over the past 10 years, the digitisation of information has increased exponentially. Today, it can be assumed that over 98% of all information is stored digitally worldwide already.

Digital Standards
So, it is not surprising that the digital revolution also takes on traditional areas, such as accounting and tax, and increasingly affects the ways of working and the traces it leaves.
BMD is right here with its solutions for digital image processing.

Starting with the simple, manual book from a scanned document, concerning the processing of digital invoices to an ebInterface and ZUGFeRD, to a fully automatic OCR recognition with pre-booking proposals directly to the acquisition in the accounting, BMD offers a customised solution for every user and every purpose.

BMD digital document processing 2.0
The invoice reader UNIDES, extracted from digitised documents, largely autonomously posts the-relevant data such as the invoice number, the date and the amount, enriches this and supplies custom information, thereby forming a detection or account assignment for the underlying transaction.

Hit rates of up to 90 percent of the analysed documents underline the quality and high efficiency of this software.

Even medium-sized companies that do their accounting in house benefit from this system. So the document is a book anytime, anywhere and without the sometimes time-consuming search in stock file folders.

In addition, the time saved associated with the processing of documents allows one to concentrate on the essential and important tasks in accounting, and eliminate the nowadays often heard lack of time, too little attention. This example mentioned is only the introduction of the controlling or cost accounting for corporate management mentioned.

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