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Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on efficient and specialised computing systems. The functional and user-friendly IT environment is the basis for the company’s everyday smooth operation.

Do you work with data outside of your accounting system and you use different excel sheets? Do you enter the information from the unconnected documents and would like to integrate them? Do you plan or does your parent company plan to implement or expand the SAP ERP business system? Do you have your own specialists, who understand SAP ERP as well as business processes and accounting like we do?

At Moore Stephens, we have built our IT Consulting on three pillars: we have detailed knowledge of accounting and reporting rules; which we can link with our proficiency in the audit of business processes; and also we have SAP ERP specialist in standard modules (FI, CO, SD, MM, PM).

SAP ERP Advisory


IT Advisory


Roman Kalous
Business Intelligence Consultant

Tel: +420 379 733 529


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