Update to the order on waiving fines for non-submission of control reports

25.4.2017 Jiří Čermák Jiří Čermák

At the beginning of March, the Financial Administration updated the GFŘ-D-29 Guideline to excuse the fine for the failure to submit the control report. In the report, the number of reasons for excusing the fine in the fixed amounts of 10,000, 30,000 and 50,000 CZK was expanded. If one of the listed reasons cannot be […]

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The June issue of MO(O)RE NEWS CZECH brings information about significant changes to the Income Tax Act related to discounts arising from investment incentives, other topics deal with Application of contributions to the future disposal of solar panels in the tax base, control reports from January 2016 and Negotiations with Bavarian tax officials in Pilsen. […]

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