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20.10.2019 Petr Linx Petr Linx

We bring you updates in the field of VAT & EET (Electronic records of sales) and every month we will provide a brief summary of the most important news on our website. Topic overview: 1st part: Changes in VAT effective from 1 October 2019 (rounding and calculation of VAT from above + new control report form), […]

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Draft Amendment to the EET Act

24.4.2018 Petr Linx Petr Linx

In response to the findings of the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Finance submitted a draft amendment to the EET Act for comments. The amendment has been declared effective from the 1st of January 2019. I have informed you already about the provisions of the findings of the Constitutional Court that were cancelled. The amendment […]

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Updated EET methodology

21.3.2019 Petr Linx Petr Linx

After eight and a half months, the Financial Administration has updated its Methodological Instruction on the Application of the Law on Registration of Sales. The original version of August 2016 was not discussed with the professional public and contained interpretative discrepancies. For a few months, only the additional information that explained the disputed provisions appeared […]

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Will there be less sales representatives in the Czech Republic because of „EET“?

24.2.2017 Petr Linx Petr Linx

In the Czech Republic, dark times are coming over the very popular sale of products through self-employed sales representatives. It is known as “consignment sales” or “brokering the sale of goods” from/to wholesale customers. What’s to blame? EET (electronic evidence of sales)! Journalists and the professional public were discussing explanations of the Financial Administration related […]

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The first experience with EET

17.12.2016 Petr Linx Petr Linx

The real operation of EET began on the 1st of December 2016 in the Czech Republic. In the first phase, transactions in cash, via credit card or by other similar ways will be evidenced in the area of the catering and accommodation services. The large group of entrepreneurs providing goods in the field of wholesale […]

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The EET test environment is already available!

21.3.2019 Petr Linx Petr Linx

 Since 1 November 2016, the Financial Administration has made available a test environment for electronic sales records (EET). Every taxpayer can test whether their software or application can send the prescribed data to the tax administrator and receive a fiscal identification code that proves the registration of certain revenue. To test the software or application, […]

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Electronic record of sales in the Czech Republic

25.5.2016 Jaroslava Cihelková Jaroslava Cihelková

After long political discussions, the Czech Republic has adopted a law on the electronic records of sales (EET) in April 2016. The State receives immediate information about all cash transactions of entrepreneurs. Is the risk of potential misuse of such information and benefits of fair tax collection really outweighed? Are these initiatives, along with international […]

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The electronic cash register in the Slovak Republic

24.5.2016 Martin Kiňo Martin Kiňo

According to the Act on the use of electronic cash registers (“ECR”) and with effect from the 1st of  January 2012 entrepreneurs who sell goods or provide specified services and meet the statutory conditions are obliged to use electronic cash registers with a fiscal memory. Repair and maintenance of these cash registers can only be […]

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