Electronic record of sales in the Czech Republic

25.5.2016 Jaroslava Cihelková Jaroslava Cihelková

After long political discussions, the Czech Republic has adopted a law on the electronic records of sales (EET) in April 2016. The State receives immediate information about all cash transactions of entrepreneurs. Is the risk of potential misuse of such information and benefits of fair tax collection really outweighed? Are these initiatives, along with international […]

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The electronic cash register in the Slovak Republic

24.5.2016 Martin Kiňo Martin Kiňo

According to the Act on the use of electronic cash registers (“ECR”) and with effect from the 1st of  January 2012 entrepreneurs who sell goods or provide specified services and meet the statutory conditions are obliged to use electronic cash registers with a fiscal memory. Repair and maintenance of these cash registers can only be […]

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Austria: The introduction of cash registers from May 2016

24.5.2016 Werner Braun

In Austria, companies that exceed a certain amount of sales have to use a cash register from the beginning of May, 2016. The following article gives a detailed overview of the situation. There were, and still are, long discussions about the obligations of the introduction of cash registers in Austria. Some small entrepreneurs even filed […]

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The September issue of MO(O)RE NEWS CZECH brings you information about the electronic record of sales, amended interpretations concerning real estate, the influence of transport costs on the taxation regime and delayed refunds of excessive VAT deductions. The special supplement of this issue deals with support of Czech agriculture under the Rural Development Programme 2014 […]

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The June issue of MO(O)RE NEWS CZECH brings information about significant changes to the Income Tax Act related to discounts arising from investment incentives, other topics deal with Application of contributions to the future disposal of solar panels in the tax base, control reports from January 2016 and Negotiations with Bavarian tax officials in Pilsen. […]

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The May issue of MO(O)RE NEWS CZECH brings information about approval of operational programs for the Czech Republic, other topics deal with VAT deduction in cases at the European Court of Justice or allocation of profit to a permanent establishment abroad. PDF version of our magazine can be found in Publications – Newsletter section. We […]

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The April issue brings an overview of news from the past month, other themes deal with mandatory transfer pricing appendix on the tax return, sale of shares in an s.r.o. when changing purchase pricesy, reverse charge practical solutions and changes in the transfer of technical improvements between tenants. PDF version of our magazine can be […]

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The March issue brings an overview of news from the past month, other themes deal with the amendment to the Investment Incentives Act, obligation to notify the Tax Office of the real address of the company, building rights related to the Act on Accounting 2015 amendment to the executing notice and the liability of members […]

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Minimum Wage Act in Germany


As of 1 January, 2015 the Act on the organization of a universal minimum wage (hereinafter the “Act”) applied to the entire territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Act sets a single minimum wage to which all persons performing work in the territory of Germany (whether for German or foreign employers) are entitled. […]

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MO(O)RE News Czech 06/2014


In June, we are dealing with the issue of the purposeful relocation of the company’s seat. The sub-themes are devoted to new checks on transfer pricing and the possibility of applying tax losses even in the framework of tax control. You can find the PDF version of our magazine in the Newsletter section. We wish […]

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