Tax allowance for working pensioners also applicable for 2013 period


After months of confusion the Financial administration confirmed that pensioners can retroactively claim a tax credit for 2013.

There are 3 possible ways:

For employers who carried out the annual accounts for the year 2013 in case where the employee (taxpayer) signed for this year the “Declaration of personal income tax from dependent activities” and have unsuccessfully applied for the tax allowance and did not file a tax return at the same time.

Filing the tax return for the tax year 2013, if the taxpayer haven´t filed it so far.

By submitting an additional tax return if the taxpayer has already filed for the regular 2013 tax return.

Please note that according to the Tax Code, the deadline for filing regular tax return is three years – in this case until April 1, 2017. In case of additional tax return within thirty days of discovery of facts. More information can be found on the pages of Financial Management.

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