Czech Republic: Tax influences of operating an e-shop in relationship to VAT


Selling goods through an e-shop is a fast and popular form of trading. From the point of view of value added tax (VAT), this form does not require any special adjustment. Nevertheless, its operation has some specifics that need to be known and respected. Here are three areas that you should know about with regards to VAT and running an e-shop in the Czech Republic:

1. VAT registration and regimen

2. The place of taxable supply

3. Electronic revenue register

Establishing and operating an e-shop is fairly simple and fast nowadays. In addition, e-commerce knows no boundaries, so it is easier to trade outside the borders of your country. Unfortunately, the tax rules know these borders so I recommend that you monitor not only the developments in the Czech Republic, but also in the countries you most frequently trade with – relying on knowledge of the local environment in the field of e-commerce is simply not enough.

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